Monday, April 23, 2007

5 Blogs That Make Me Think

Okay, my five nominations for Blogs That Make Me Think:

Heart of a Family by Nancy. On the surface, it's a blog about a young mom and her young son, who has the rare Williams Syndrome. But Nancy is a fantastic writer, a poet, and devastatingly honest. No saccharine here. But it's also a love story as a mother and a child learn together how to negotiate unfamiliar terrain.

for smith's sake by Anne. Anne loves sex, booze and karaoke. She is hilarious and outrageous. She also happens to be dealing with ovarian cancer, a fact that she only marginally allows to infringe upon her enjoyment of the above, to the exasperation of her oncologist Hot Doc. Oh, and she loves her adorable dog Rickey. And we, her humble audience, love her.

Auspicious Jots
by Rev. A.C. Miles. I'm sure she's a fantastic minister -- her posts are deep, emotional, and they force me to think, whether I want to or not. But I'll confess. I want to live next door to her and have our kids in the same playgroups. I bet she's a super mommy-friend. Plus, she loves Slurpees.

Boobless Brigade Master
is another of my heroes. She's a great Mom, funny as hell, and tough enough to allow herself to be tender and vulnerable. We're both having 20 year class reunions this summer and I wish I could crash hers, and she, mine.

The last one isn't a person, per se, and not one who can respond to this meme, but I've got to include it. It's more like a blog aggregator, but with full or almost full posts. It's called The Cancer Blog and it hooks you up with the latest research, humor, news, personal blogs and all that is cancer. A club that I never wanted to join, but there you go.

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The Jotter said...

Thanks for the thinking blog nomination, L.E.! As for being my neighbor, currently my grandma occupies that position which means that y'all will need to be across the street, which is kinda unfortunate. I'm all about the goofy miming antics in the window for boredom relief and neighborly amusement. Doing it for an audience all the way across a street with regular foot traffic is a wee bit unnerving, but if ya make the move I'll risk it.

As for the kids playing together: I think it is against the laws of my narrow-minded Commonwealth for that many liberal PK's to be in a play group. In other words, MOVE HERE NOW!!!

And one for the parallel universe archives... this year is my 20th reunion, too. I'm getting a ridiculously inappropriate dye job for the occasion. (Think Pepe Le P.U. meets Betty Page.)Can I come to yours, too? I mean... why limit an outrageous hairdo to one reunion, right?