Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Am having a hard time remembering the inherent worth and dignity of a nameless faceless person out there.

Got in the car with Lily this morning to run an errand -- then realized that most of my back window was gone. The rest, completely shattered into a cobweb.

Apparently, some yayhoos drove by and --get this-- used a pachinko ball and a sling shot to bust out our window. The officer who came by explained that it's quite popular, especially on minivans.

$350 to get it fixed. Would love to have the opportunity to get to know the punk that did it; have him over to my house, make him a nice dinner, let him meet my kids -- allow him to put a face to this stupid stunt. $350 ain't chump change around here.

Really, really pissed.

Oh, and I left a message with the grad school. They haven't called back yet.

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Anonymous said...

Just stumbles on your blog while looking for pachinko info...
What a totally mindless bunch of ****

It never fails to amaze me what people find entertaining.

Did the school ever call you?

I had some kids that used to find it entertaining to snap bits off my fence on their way home from school. When I went into the school they sent their caretaker round to do some repairs. Very nice of the school, but it really shouldn't be their responsibility to clean up after these morons.