Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lizard Eater

Am changing the name on my blog, just to make it slightly more difficult to immediately discern my identity. Not that I really care if my secret identity is known; I'm not exactly Clark Kent. But there's a certain amount of freedom in anonymity.

Why Lizard Eater? Pretty simple. In A Little Exercise for Young Theologians, Helmut Thielicke refers to this time (a new theology student) as being intellectual puberty. Your voice is changing, there's changes going on in you that you don't understand, etc.

My dad refers to puberty -- regular puberty, that is, not theological puberty -- as the lizard eating stage. You know how, in springtime, cats that have access to the outdoors start chasing lizards and losing their winter coat and they just look real scrawny and ugly? He says girls do the same thing, about 12ish. Their parts just don't seem to fit together, they get a scrawny, hungry look, they're awkward -- they're in the lizard eating stage. I've seen pictures of myself at this age, and I certainly can't disagree. When Chelsea Clinton was that age, and being made fun of, he said, Now that girl's going to turn into a beauty. She's just in the lizard eating stage.

I don't think I'll physically be getting scrawny (I could only hope!), but I imagine this'll be a time of philosophical and theological awkwardness. So be it.

I wear it with pride. Lizard Eater.


Anonymous said...

Just passing through on another journey and am struck by your words, images and your thoughts.

Suffering, in all its manifestations, has both a dark, sad side and, remarkably, a bright side. It allows us to see the world in another light and makes us appreciate those things we often take for granted.

I am often reminded of that remarkable scene in Spielberg's AI where the little boy just wants one perfect day with his mom.

In the end can anyone really ask for anything more than to spend just one perfect day with the ones they love.

God bless and good luck on your journey ...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, LE - old friend here - might remember me as

I am almost done with my dissertation, and I see that your 8 years have been well-spent, in love, family and faith. We have led parallel lives in many ways - except that I have been terribly, terribly ill and we were all surprised to see my 45th year. I'm better now - just - and hanging on, but unable to go out with a wonky immune system and all. Five months of immunoglobulin infusions have helped - but my numbers are still far too low for anything much outside our house.

Enough of that. I still smile.

You will laugh, though!:

I was looking for something on the hymn "How Can I Keep From Singing?" and Google brought me back to you, to 2004, and a lifetime ago. To a wee Warrior who wasn't even 15 pounds yet, through to a Wren with NED. I was more happy to see those braids than I can possibly tell you. And your stole. Finally!

I cannot tell you how VERY happy I am for you all, and for such a positive outcome all the way around. Even though you have not been on this laptop before until now, you have been on all the others, and the desktops before that, and in fierce dream-time here within these four walls (all-too-close four walls some days! And, I'll bet you can relate to hating surgical masks all the time when encountering a new exposure!).

But, I do want to say something to you, if only in benediction (we never know how long it will be before - if? - our paths will cross... funny life, this):

Fly High, Little Wren. And you, too, Lizard Eater. You never know when someone who loves you holds you in her heart.