Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You CAN make a difference ...

Moms scorned ...

I can give you the inside view that a whole lot of moms-of-cancer-kids were PISSED to find out that Arlen Specter, who has been on the tv circuit hawking his book about how he defeated cancer with his super will (and copious amounts of chemo) ... was the only Pennsylvania congressperson to not support the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act.

Many parents contacted Specter, only to get a form letter response. Including Amy Bucher. So she contacted a reporter, to see if he could get more of an answer.

At first, he got the same as she -- the form response.

And then ... he got a call from Specter. Who had decided that he would co-sponsor the bill.

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Ms. Theologian said...

Wow. That's actual action.

I saw Specter talking about his super powers on The Daily Show. It made me want to hurt him. Yes, I'm glad he survived cancer, but it wasn't exactly because of God's moral judgment of his soul as he seemed to imply.