Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Strategy

I think this editorial is spot-on. It explains what the Clinton machine is doing.

Hillary Clinton, Fratricidal Maniac

"The only way to lessen that reluctance would be to destroy Obama's general election viability, so that superdelegates had no choice but to hand the nomination to her."


Nancy said...

Hi, LE! I would e-mail you, but I apparently don't have your address. Sorreee.

I read the inclusion sheet you shared with me, and I think it's a great idea. I was not offended in the least. As I read, though, I felt overwhelmed for you guys (church staff). I'm completely cynical and skeptical these days, even with our favorable outcome, about what can be done for parents and their children with all of these weirdo problems. Imagine me coming to you and saying, "Hey, my kid hates certain noises and being around all other children." Sigh... In the end, though, it worked out with an aide for him, and he is teaching others through his disability. Win-win.

If only I had gotten something like what you shared. I would have felt like I wasn't alone and that somebody gave a rip. I had to break down in the hallway and make a fool of myself to get anybody to listen to me. Even then, I was patted on the shoulder, given a "you are in our prayers," and ignored until I shook things up again. I don't think I have ever been so pissed off in my life.

Good luck with your work in this area. Hats off to you, and let me know if I can help.

Chalicechick said...

I'm 50/50 on that editorial.

I think that Hillary's taking it farther than she needs to, but I'm confused that the editorial writer seems to think that she is criticizing Obama in a way Republicans won't in a general election. Is he saying that Clinton is worse than the Swift Boat Folks? Because she's way not, and they will be able to get away with everything McCain can't and more.

And Kerry had plenty of critics from within his own party. Heck, Bush had plenty of critics from within his own party.

Obama gets lots of love from the media. Is she cutting into that? Maybe. But if she dropped out of the race today, the press honeymoon for Obama would be over tomorrow.

And I'm not sure why McCain will be more able than Obama to base his objections on gender. "Woman's Candidate" John Edwards was happy to use her crying to imply she wasn't "tough enough" to be president. (This from a man the Swift Boat folks called "Breck Girl.")

Again, I do think there's some truth to that editorial, but like Hillary, it takes it too far.


Comrade Kevin said...

This explains the grassroots appeal of Obama and how Hillary has never addressed it.

And as for the article itself while I agree with much of it, I am concerned as to how far this nonsense between Obama and Clinton is going to go.

This is getting utterly ridiculous and I want it to be over.

Anonymous said...

It's funny ....

If you support Clinton, you feel Obama has attacked her from the start. Look back at the debates...even the press constantly commented on how Obama and Edwards repeatedly attacked Clinton, while Clinton attacked the republican opponents and issues. This of course was regarded as her being "weak".

If you favor Obama, you choose to ignore his attacks and focus on crimes Hillary's HUSBAND committed...and agree that not only is she weak from not fighting back when attacked by her opponents, but weak for forgiving her husband and sticking by him. REALLY? Isn't this the "Christian" way? Isn't a marriage "for better or for worse, until death do us part"???

And now she has begun to fight fire with fire. Retaliating and attacking back - pointing out her opponents short comings. And this makes her a B*TCH. hmmmmm

Woman of power = B*TCH. why?

Seems she can't win no matter what.

Funny how things look different from the "other" side of the fence.

Lizard Eater said...

Anonymous, since you chose to argue against straw-man arguments that I did not make, I can only assume that you are cruising blogs, looking for opportunities to post for Clinton. Next time, I'll simply delete it. Unless you have a substantial argument, please move along.