Thursday, March 06, 2008

"After today, I just don't think I can vote for Hillary ...

...if she gets the nomination."

Huh? I ask.

My mom explains. Apparently Hillary aligned her experience with McCain's, putting Obama on the other side of the fence.

Mama is an old-school, Southern Belle, Democrat. You don't wear white shoes after labor day, you don't serve two starches at a meal, and you by-gum don't put a fellow Democrat below a Republican in a race.

"She doesn't care about Democrats," sez Mama. "All she cares about is winning."

Well, apparently, Hillary would agree with you. ("Winning. Winning. Winning. Winning. That's my measurement of success," she said. "Winning.")

Hmm. I won't get into my opinion about Hillary's negative campaigning. I'll just say that if you've managed to make a old-school, yellow-dog-Democrat like my Mama say that she won't vote for the Democratic candidate ... well, you've just already lost, hun'.


h sofia said...

Your mom sounds like my grandmom (tho she is a New York Catholic). She supported the Clintons when Bill was in office, but she hasn't appreciated their tactics towards Obama during the primary. She is mad at Hillary these days, and she's long been an active party member, and a feminist.

Comrade Kevin said...

There are many mad people at the Clintons right now, and I include myself in their ranks.

Chalicechick said...

This is why lengthy primary seasons are a bad thing.


Robin Edgar said...

Comrade Kevin, surely you meant to say, "There are many people mad at the Clintons right now, and I include myself in their ranks." ;-)

Gotta admit that I am not impressed by Hillary's behaviour myself but thankfully I don't have a say in the matter.