Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If You Give a Family Some Leisure Time ...

Okay. Obviously, the Lizard Eater family doesn't do too well on our own.

The holiday weekend saw:

* The Princess, attempting to execute a turn on her bicycle, go face-first into the curb. Amazingly, no teeth knocked, no broken bones, no stitches. But she looks like she was in a bar fight.

* Our tv go dead, dead, dead as a doornail. Quick research said that it would cost $200 bucks each way to ship it for repair, and they might not even be able to fix it. Planned f-ing obsolescence. So, en masse, we went to Best Buy (love that 0% interest/3 years) and joined the plasma generation.
-- Have you ever read, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"?--
I had already done the research, knew the make and model of what we wanted, knew they had it in stock. Easy in and out, right?

"It's HDTV. You want to get a high def signal, right?"

Eh, nah.

"Well, do you already have Directv?"


"It's just 9.95 forthe high def signal ... and we give you an instant $200 off the price."

Oh. Okay, then.

No problem, and a nice little perk, right? Except we also have tivo, so we had to upgrade to a HD tivo. Back and forth with Directv about the money issue on this, and scheduling, and whatsiswhatforaaaaaargh!

It was at this time that I got a brilliant idea. We have an old teeny tv in a closet. I've got a metal coat hanger. Tv and antenna. Eureka!

No one liked my idea.

Anyway, an hour and a half later, we walked out with the tv and an appointment for service and some cranky kids. Got home, set up the tv and realized.

Now I need a cabinet to put it on.

Okay, now where was I? Oh, yes, one more thing:

* The Husband injuring himself.

We freecycled the old tv, offering up its broken self for someone who knows how to fix tvs. Got a taker. It's about 200 lbs, so The Husband graciously helped him get it in the car. That actually went okay, but when The Husband was exiting the car, the cord somehow wrapped itself around his ankle and he went flying, catching himself on his wrists, and hurting his elbow. He's now waiting for an MRI.

Back to school, back to work. We don't do well with free time. We obviously need supervision at all times.

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