Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BARNEY has jumped the shark

You heard it here first, folks. With the addition of Riff, the orange dinosaur, that artful example of American post-surrealism, Barney, has jumped the shark.

Further critical analysis of television geared toward those still on their first set of teeth will be shared at a later date. (But let me just say that "Boohbah" was clearly created by people who have experienced LSD.)


Anne said...
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Anne said...

Sorry about that first post..thats what you get when you multi-blog with a slow computer.

Okay. In my opinion Barney jumped the shark when someone somewhere said "how about a big purple dinosaur that prances around?" and someone else said "tell me more.."

Thats just me though. :)

Karen said...

Oh, funny. I just posted the other day about how much I hate that little orange guy!