Friday, September 15, 2006

The Husband just spent half an hour wrapping me in plastic wrap

Well, to be more specific ...

My head.

I have begun a henna journey.

My hair was, to use my father's term, terdmuckeldy brown. The past 8 months saw a huge jump in grey.

I like grey hair. At 37, however, I was not liking MY grey hair. But I've done the whole bleach-highlighting stuff, in younger years. Very damaging for the hair, and apparently, not real good for humans. So, I happened upon the henna world and got interested.

It was nice to be interested in something. Other than counts and cts and such. And God, do not even get my started on how disinterested I am in all the millions of projects that people think I'd be just perfect for ...

Anyway, so after reading for weeks about it, and doing the strand test and skin test and all that prudent stuff, I am now diving in.

Cue the soap opera music ... Will Lizard Eater's hair turn auburn? Or orange? Will her head, in fact, simply fall off because ohmygod, having all this "clay" on long hair, piled up on my head is durned heavy?

These and other questions ...

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