Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Sabbath!

Apropos of nothing, a dear, albeit cantankerous, friend demanded to know why I say “Happy Sabbath” on my facebook page.

I was a little startled, so I turned it around and asked why it bothered her. And we talked about her concern that I’m using churchy words. Argued, I guess, would be closer to the truth. But in all of that, I never did get around to answering her.

Here is why I say Happy Sabbath.

Sabbath, from the Latin sabbatum, from Greek sabbaton, from Hebrew shavat. Sabbath refers to a day of rest from one’s normal activities.

I am entranced by the idea of Sabbath from two perspectives that dovetail together – it is a holiday that comes around every week, and it is a day where the normal hustle/bustle is set aside so that we can focus on what is important to us.

For some, perhaps, there is a no need for a Sabbath. They spend each day focused on what truly matters, and every day, they pause to give thanks for the day.

Not me. 4 kids, a husband, his career, my school, their school, feed the cats, do the laundry, What’s for dinner?, “I have band practice,” homework, “Where’s my keys?”

I need a day. We need a day. Focus. On. What’s. Important. Life moves so fast … slow down, for a second please. Open my eyes. See it, as it’s happening. Turn off the tv, the busy work. Stop. Breathe. Make time for what is important.

To me, what is important is my family, my friends, and my church.

I have celebrated the sabbats with Wiccans and Shabbat with Jews. I’m big on celebrating. A holiday that comes once a week – Sláinte!

Because I am a Unitarian Universalist, I celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday, as that is when we hold our services. I try to make it a day set aside from the rest of the week, where we deliberately make time in our busy schedules to play together as a family, visit friends, and attend church. A day where we pause to celebrate the gift of living.

On Sunday, I celebrate the Sabbath.

And I wish for you, a Good Sabbath, too.


Masasa said...

I like "Happy Sabbath!" A lot.

[Starts plotting to begin saying it from here on, and wondering how it would be received...]

Webster said...

I celebrate a seventh-day Sabbath. We set aside 24 hours from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, to set aside time for God, church, and family. It is a time to set aside the burdens of the week and reconnect with God and family. It is truly a oasis in this crazy and frantic world.

Anonymous said...

Sabbath is on the 7th day. the actual day is saturday. You are keeping the wrong day if you are keeping sunday.