Friday, October 05, 2007

A Special Seminary

I am really happy with my seminary.

It hasn't always been this way. When I began school before All Of This, 3 years ago, it was a different school. Different location, much smaller enrollment, different attitude.

Now, they're really making strides towards being more diverse. In the orientation, the president of the school was very direct -- "You will be in classes with people who have different beliefs than you. Let me assure you that God did not send you here to 'save' any classmates."

Since this is a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian school, this was pretty huge.

Higher expectations, too. Which is good -- we all want to feel challenged, right? Yeah, okay, remind me that as I'm working on my term paper.

Best, I have a unique opportunity by going to this school. As I mentioned before, I am by far the racial minority; socio-economic, too.

What a gift this is! I realize that may sound so "cute," so earnestly liberal. But it is such a gift for my journey. My classmates are generous with sharing their experiences. Anti-oppression, anti-racism? I've got people living it and teaching it, baby.

That's good. Because I feel like I was called to be a minister. And the voice never said, "A minister of white, well-educated, upper-middle class people." The voice said to minister. Period.


Earthbound Spirit said...

Someday we have to compare notes. I'm at a liberal Christian seminary, with Baptists, UCCers, Pentecostals, Methodists, and... one UU. I'm not in the racial minority, but there is a good diversity among racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation definitions. Professors are also diverse, in similar ways to the students. Theology where the rubber meets the road...

Nancy said...

My kinda place!

Sounds like you are right where you are meant to be. :)

Red Sphynx said...

Glad we've got UU seminarians in evangelical schools. We could use a good dose of UU evangelism.