Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Laptop Lunches -- Cool, and Cheaper

We are now in possession of 3 "laptop lunchboxes" because -- yay! -- you can buy them in bulk and sell them to your congregation/co-op/etc.

We bought three, for the 3 school-budders ... but I think I'm going to have to buy another, for The Husband.

It's kind of a cult, this American bento-box fascination: ooh, aren't those photos cool?

Hard for me to argue with, though. Reusable containers, healthy food.

Tomorrow, the kids get:

* Deviled eggs (made with homemade yogurt, says Mz Martha-Stewart-not-at-all)
* Edamame (my kids are ready for bar snacks, what can I say?)
* Strawberries
* Cookies (but tomorrow I get in the kitchen and bake, I promise ...)

They're so cute. I might have to get two for Little Warrior and myself.

(sigh at consumerism ... there will be a post forthcoming on that topic.)


Nancy said...

Those are way cute! And lead-free! Score!

Kaleigh said...

We love, love, love our Laptop Lunches!! Got them before school started last year and they still seem new, 15 months later.