Monday, February 12, 2007

Laundry List

First on the list today ... let y'all know to look out for a charge from essentials gold on your Citibank or At&t Universal cards. $149.95! It's some kind of a club that supposedly saves you money on purchases ... here's the thing. You can get charged for this without even signing up. I googled it and it came up on Rip-Off I contacted my card and filed a fraud claim and contacted essentials gold and told them to cancel it and give me a full refund; I never authorized it.

Here's the deal -- this is done in alliance with the credit card company. I certainly didn't give my credit card number to this business. And I'm not dumb -- I'm not the sort to cash any of those little "checks" that come from your cc company and in small writing say something about how cashing the check means that you've signed up with so-and-so company and will relinquish your first-born child upon demand.

So, I'm a little pissy. You shred your mail, you watch for online theft, you never do business with telemarketers ... and your own cc company sells you out. (And yes, after I get this all cleared up, I'm canceling my AT&T card.)

Okay, on to something fun ... Lizard Eater is going to share a good surprise. (No, I'm not pregnant! Pah! 4 kids, I think I've done my fair share of growing UUism in-house.) Actually, I can't share the surprise, because I don't know what it is. The Husband has some big surprise cooked up. Thus far, I know that I'm going out to dinner,* and that the big part isn't today. Hmmm. *I asked The Husband how I should dress, and he said that he's seen people there in suits, he's also seen them there in casual dress.

I know. He's taking me to McDonalds.

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