Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year, we have an all-ages Halloween party. It's not a party for kids, but kids are invited to come with their parents, if you know what I mean.

So, since Anne needs help coming up with a Halloween costume, some of the more creative ones we've had come through -- or done ourselves:

Last year, I wore a white shirt, with a big yellow circle attached to it, and some devil horns.

I was a deviled egg.

A friend of mine attached sponges all over herself. She was "self-absorbed." Same friend, another year, attached mini cereal boxes all over her and carried a machete. Yes. A serial killer.

Let's see, then there was the year I rubbed some black under one eye and wore a giant "P" on my chest.

Black-eyed pea.

As you may be picking up on, I am usually too busy planning a party and cooking to give much attention to my costume. This year is different. The Husband and I have already purchased the main parts of our costumes.

The last time we put a lot of effort into our costumes was a coupla years ago. I was pregnant with LW, and needed a costume with a little give. So I went as Sita and he went as Ram (Hindu god). I had on a gorgeous sari and all the gems around my eyes. He had an Indian tunic and we painted him blue.

Everyone thought he was supposed to be a member of Blue Man group.

This year, we go as another famous couple. More on that later.

And all of this ... the party is October 28. LW's big MRI is Oct. 16. We sit down with the doctor to go over the results Oct. 17.

So, everything might be canceled alluvasudden. But hopefully it won't be. I work with that in mind.

Oh, and hey ... got any absolutely to-die-for party recipes? Send 'em on!

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Kelli said...

I love those ideas! I would rather go as something clever like the deviled egg and be comfortable instead of being in a hot costume that I cant wait to get out of.

Just call me low maintenance.