Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do the right thing, get busted anyway

I can't remember if Maslow did another pyramid that referenced this, or who, but I remember learning about a pyramid for "why we do right."

At the top was something about, "because we know that to do right helps society as a whole, makes us better people, blah, blah, etc. etc.

At the bottom was, "afraid to get caught."

Both Lizard Eater and The Husband are there at the bottom. Perhaps we could achieve a higher part of the pyramid, except that we are bound to get busted. If LE were to say something bad about a person, you know who would walk up behind her. If The Husband were to ever do cocaine, he'd be the person you read about, where they say, "it was his first time, and he just dropped dead."

Now, we don't even have to do wrong.

The Husband was pulled over by an officer of the law. Reason: not wearing his seatbelt. Except he was. He wears it even if he's backing his car out of the driveway. It was obviously the truth, so the cop said, okay. But I need to see your license and insurance. The Husband gives his license, and fumbles for the insurance. Umm, umm, it's here somewhere. Cop takes license back to car. When he comes back, The Husband has found his insurance card. Too bad, says The Cop. You didn't have it when I asked for it. Here's your ticket.

No real big deal, since if you go to the courthouse and give proof of insurance, it's just a $10 fee. Plus the time to do it. And the time to get there. And ... and ...


You know, if we're going to get punished, even for not doing anything wrong ... hmmmm. That's it. I'm taking the tag off my mattress.


Chalicechick said...


who is no fan of the cops herself.

Nancy said...

I would be the person who dropped dead after trying cocaine once, too. :) That's funny.

Protect and serve...yeah right. Your husband obviously showed a lot of restraint (no pun intended) by not socking the guy.

Kelli said...

Thats not fair! What a jerk. I didnt know that the law said you had to be able to produce your insurance in 1 min or less. He shouldnt have pulled him over anyway.

Why do people have to be so difficult?

Kelli said...

Oh yeah..I forgot something else that I was going to say. They want you to put your hands on the steering wheel as soon as you stop the car but that is going to cut into your min or less stopwatch on producing your necessary documents.

Im sorry. People are just killing me today. Common sense has left the world and now the idiots are roaming wild and free.

Anonymous said...

That would be Kohlberg's moral ladder:

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that things are going well for you and your little one. She is done with Chemo in December and then we have monthly appointments for a year. It is going to be nice to get back to "normal" What ever that will be. I will keep checking.