Tuesday, October 12, 2004

pant, pant, pant ...

Taking a breath between projects. Managed to have the canvass dinner (I'm canvass chair this year, as virtue of being "past-president ex-officio member of the board") the same weekend I needed to be working on my midterm. Ah well. Both are over with now. The canvass dinner, held at our church this year, was apparently a success, with good reports from everywhere. A lot of paddling beneath the surface of the water, as it turned out that the restaurant catering the event could NOT do vegetarian fajitas, let alone vegan sides. So, kept that caterer for the carnivores, found another restaurant that catered to veg-heads. And a third quotient, the bakery who made the tres leches cake. Phew.

As to the midterm, I have no idea if I did well. It seemed all the questions were from the notes, not the book, so I just repeated back everything the professor said. We'll see.

And, oh yes, morning sickness. Well, last time for that. Went to a new doctor and am fairly pleased. She was willing to spend more than 5 minutes with me and discuss my bizarre-rare condition (intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy). But if I could ever find a doctor that didn't make me feel like a hypochondriac for being well-researched into my own health, I'd marry 'em!

Boy, I'm whiny today!

So, projects now are my term paper (how philosophy can help us to understand theology, an Augustinian perspective), a new web design client, and of course, the infamous annual Halloween party. Luckily I have many good friends who are bringing food! Bleaugh ...

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