Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Party, Halloween and Seminary

Time for some catching-up ...

The Party was terrif. This was actually our 13th Halloween party. And no, I don't think 13 is unlucky. In fact, I love the number 13 now. After Little Warrior had completed all of her treatment, we were going up to the Cancer Clinic on the 14th floor, when I noticed ... hmm, no 13th floor. So we had actually been going up to the 13th floor that whole time. I love that place, so 13 is a beautiful number, to me.

Anyway, party was much fun. Tons and tons of people, just the way we like it. Great food, if I say so myself (some contributed by friends). Mojito punch. Slide show DVD of previous parties. Karaoke. The Princess and Bo Peep pooped out about 9ish, but The Boy and Little Warrior were still going strong at midnight.

Seminary is also quite enjoyable. I have a new friend, who -- being black, gay, and an ex-addict -- is generously sharing his experiences with me. Some eye-opening information, especially since I didn't know the current practice of separating out and color-coding the self-admitted gay inmates in the county jail. Rather yellow-star-ish.

I'm working on my term paper now -- the ethical issues in ministering to the difficult person. I'm sure I'll never need that ...

And yay, today is Halloween. I hatehatehate the fact that in the part of the country, children are no longer allowed to wear costumes to school. (It offends the religious sensibilities of some.) And I'm not very fond of the government pushing the time change off a weekend ... means we'll be waiting even LONGER for it to get dark tonight. (Around here, no one goes trick or treating til dusk.)

But it is Halloween, a holiday I love. I've been sick this week, so I'm not going to make our traditional Halloween meal (Burgundy stew with spaetzle) ... I think I'm going to ring up The Husband and get him to pick up some hot and sour soup for me and entrees for him and kids. And then ... trick or treating. Got a big bag of candy and in case we get more trick-or-treaters than I expect, a bunch of individual bags of cookies. Can be used in the kids' lunches otherwise, you see.

Oh, and costumes ... The Boy is a pirate, The Princess is Hermione, Bo Peep is a Neverland Fairy and Little Warrior is Piglet. For the party, The Husband and I colored our hair blue, wore blue warmups, and name tags -- Gene and Jean. Get it? Get it? We were a pair of ... Okay, it was his idea. Don't flame me.

Happy Halloween, Y'all.


Nancy said...

LOL I so wish you guys lived next door.

Sorry you have been under the weather, and I hope you feel fabulous soon.

Happy Halloween, friend!

P.S. The number 13 don't scare me none, either.

uuMomma said...

Blue jeans...I love it. I once went to a party as a bruise (blue shirt, black pants, with a streak of a red sash). Really, really bad, but I had nothing NOTHING else. Obviously, I don't dress up much.

Oh, and when you finish that ministering to difficult people, could you post it?

Lizard Eater said...

You bet, uumomma. I'm going in to this with no hypothesis other than Ministering To Difficult People is Freaking Hard ... (Especially if you want to maintain your ethics.)