Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Hullo Toad,"

... she said somberly.

LW and I are outside playing in the back yard for the first time in about 6 months. We finally got a cool front and it is pleasant.

Walking the kids to school, we saw that a number of folks in the neighborhood have put up Halloween decorations. Here, they mean something more than just celebrating October 31. It's kind of an affirmation ... phew! We made it through the hot summer and survived! Facing broken air conditioners and overheated cars and mosquito bites and choking humidity ... but the summer is over and we are here. Time to celebrate.

(That and it lets you know who is safe to say "Happy Halloween" to and not worry that you'll get a lecture about how Halloween is Satan's holiday. A genuine risk, in this part of the country, where every Protestant church holds "autumn festivals" Halloween night to keep children "safe.")

Well, it's too early for me to begin my Halloween rant. Time to enjoy the particular modern pleasure of using my laptop outside, a new treat for me.

And help LW chase toads.


Comrade Kevin said...

We neighborhood kids learned to avoid the Landry residence during our Halloween days. Instead of candy, they handed out religious leaflets bemoaning the observance of such a "pagan" holiday.

They were the token religious loony-tunes.

Nancy said...

Happy Halloween! I just love this whole time of year. We get maybe 3 trick-or-treaters out here, and they score big time. We spoil them rotten. It's usually about 20 degrees, but the kids here are hearty, strong, and spirited.