Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who Had the Sex Dream about Tony Soprano???

she demands, jerking her head around suspiciously.

'Fess up. I can't remember whose blog I read it on.

But whoever you are, I woke up thinking about you this morning, and your blog post which said, (and I paraphrase), "WTF??? Why would I have a sexy dream about HIM?"

Last night, I had one about ... Taylor Doose, from Gilmore Girls.

Those of you who watch the show are falling out of your chairs, laughing right now.

I'm not saying a sexy dream about the actor. A sexy dream about the character. A blowhard, sarcastic, prudish ... oh, you know the type.

I don't even want to think about any possible meanings for this. It was a synapse misfiring.



Nancy said...

Thanks for the tag, LE. I'm tagging/linking you right back.

For the record, it was not my sex dream (shudder).

Tiana said...

it was Anne from For Smith's Sake!


Anne said...

Ha Ha..you TOTALLY topped me. Totally. At least Tony has smouldering sexy bad boy thing going on. Doose? Maybe you were thinking about how you needed something from the grocery store? Or you were planning a sew-a-rama fundraiser for putting up new warning sign for the bridge that is falling down?

I feel better about my dream now. :)