Friday, April 27, 2007

I'd like credit for Stress Served, please

siiigh. laugh. Okay.

Made it through the "no food or drink" portion of the morning. Got down to the medical center. (1 hr, 15 minutes.) After being taken back for vitals and such, it was revealed that Little Warrior was running a fever of 100.5. No big deal ... but too high for anesthesia and CT/MRI. Rescheduled for 2 weeks from today. The Friday before Mothers' Day. Did Lizard mention that she'll be in the pulpit that Sunday? And that LW is finally going to be dedicated ... that Sunday? And we won't know the results until the following Monday?

Well, it's sigh and laugh time. 'Cause what else can you do? In any case, I did more than enough stressing this week. Hold that, freeze it. Apply along with cold compresses in two weeks.

As for me, it's margarita time. More importantly, it's Thai Spice chips time.


uuMomma said...

I'm so sorry it's all being put on hold. I'll be thinking of you.

just made me think of Easter--my girls started fighting so I encouraged them not to do so by singing the "It's a freakin' holiday" song. So, I'll give you a prelude: Happy Freakin' Mother's Day.

Bless you all ....

Kaleigh said...

Hoping that the auspiciousness of the timing means nothing but perfect news. I'm in the pulpit that Sunday, too,'s my birthday. So see, that's gotta be a good sign, right.