Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yuletide Wrap-Up: On Dealing with the Calorie-Phobic

There were a few bumps this holiday, as there were all over the country. Nothing as dramatic as Uncle Billy getting drunk and accidentally shooting the cat. Just your average annoyances.

Since those hiccups did, however, take away a bit of my enjoyment, I am trying to think of "how will I deal differently with this next year?"

First issue at hand: those who love to eat good food, but then spend all their time talking about how fat they are, and how things are so delicious, so they have no willpower, and how they hate themselves for being fat*, and by the way, LE, you might be interested in LA Weight Loss or Jenny Craig -- I have a friend who did that and lost 30 lbs in 3 days!

Lizard Eater stopped midbite where she had been happily minding her own business to give the person a "that's not going to happen" smile.

So, next year: in addition to the cookies and homemade truffles and all the yummies that only are made once a year, there will be a prominently-labeled container of prepared raw veggies -- carrots, sliced red bell peppers, celery, radishes, oh lots of good stuff.

At the beginning of the holiday, a formal announcement will be given, stating the location of said container, and the expectation that if one feels inclined to moan about the calories of any treat, they are to immediately go to the raw veggie box and fill their mouth. (And shut the hell up.)

* One good effect -- it made LE (who is 30 lbs overweight) and The Husband (who is a little less buff than he'd like to be) agree that to hate one's self over weight is the height of vanity and shallowness. Especially when the person in question is exceedingly fit, and is stressing over a 2 lb difference in her normal physique. If you're going to hate yourself, lawsy, let it be for something more interesting, like your predilection for shooting housepets while intoxicated.


Nancy said...

I post this comment with stomach chock full of Aplets and Cotlets myself.


Ellis said...


I was very disciplined about the nutrition from September through November. Round about Thanksgiving, that vanished, because the office lunchroom--to which one goes when one is hungry! And likely to eat the first thing one sees!--was FULL, every DAY, of sugar. So the nutrition was not so much.

And did I moan about hating myself? No. Because did I hate myself? No. I was kind of irked with the general poor nutrition of our holiday culture, and yeah, I should have been more careful, but the complaining? It mostly didn't happen. There was maybe some sympathy grousing with other dieters, but the self-loathing, no. NO POINT TO SELF-LOATHING.