Friday, February 11, 2011

And on a personal note ...

LW, working in the garden
Elizabeth asked how everyone's doing.

Pretty fabulous, thanks for asking. All the kids, including Little Wren, are growing like weeds.

The kids stay busy with school, orchestra, band, etc. and are completely normal, in that they fuss, whine, love pizza, fight, love Glee, and hate cleaning their rooms. Okay, they all have an overwhelming love for steamed broccoli which I think is passing strange, but other than that, normal.

Sometimes, though, things will happen to remind me that they have been affected in their journeys through Cancer World. Like The Boy writing an amazingly insightful paper about Threnody, which Emerson wrote about his faith, lost and refound, after his son died.

For LW, it was just her reality. She told some boy friends (not boyfriends, she will hasten to tell you) that she was bald two years ago. Boys are quite impressed with that kind of thing.

I'm trying to get all my schoolin' done, and will have CPE this summer. The only advice anyone is willing to give me about that is, "Get sleep now."


And The Husband keeps on keeping on, occasionally doing something completely insane like getting up early on a freezing morning to fill my car tank with gas.

And that, my children, is what Real Love looks like.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth H here, friend of Eric Posa.

if you want to read about CPE, read Real Live Preacher's essay about it. it's in his book. Hilarious and true.

Enjoy! Glad to see everyone's blooming.

Elizabeth, fellow colleague

Lilylou said...

I love your posts, LE. I love hearing what's happening with everyone in your family, all the daily and not-so-daily stuff, and it's amazing to me how much has happened since we met. I've come to love you and your family, plus admire and cheer on the many friends who've come to help you through your journey. Do you know the song "Precious Friend"? Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie sang it in some album or another. If you don't know it, check it out. It's one of my favorites.

Amy said...

The only advice anyone is willing to give me about that is, "Get sleep now."

Oh yeah, and that works about as well for CPE as it does for parenthood.

I have LOTS of advice, but you don't need it. Keep your heart open. Be self-aware. Stay connected to everyone and everything that nourishes you. Breathe. Give your love and attention and know that they are enough.

See? Told you you didn't need it. You already do all of that.

Lizard Eater said...

Amy, that was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I swear -- I was driving home, thinking about CPE, and thinking, "I just need someone to tell me it'll be okay."