Friday, March 21, 2008

"Not significant"

I think I'm going to start living the Clinton Campaign Philosophy of Life: if anything crosses my path that doesn't make my life better in some way, I will claim that it is "not significant."

Richardson endorses Obama: Not significant.

Obama has won 30 states: Not significant.

Hmm. So if I get an "F" taking UU Congregational Polity, I'll just explain to the MFC that the class was not significant. If I forget to pay our mortgage for 3 months, I'll explain to the bank that those were not significant months. And if the police pull me over for going 60 in a 35, I'll explain that it was not a significant piece of road.

Think it'll work?


Chalicechick said...

(((Penn cites Clinton's victory over Obama in New Mexico's Democratic presidential caucus in February.

Penn said today that perhaps the time when Richardson could have been most effective has long since past.))))

Her campaign is right about that, though.

I really loved Richardson. But the timing on this is really odd.


Nancy said...

Have the Sweet Potato Queens on my shopping list. Am getting it with my next order.

Woo hoo!