Monday, February 04, 2008

Bubbe, Pops, and Fwog

My parents are "Bubbe" and "Pops" ... but I swear, these are not the people who raised me. THESE people are completely adorable.

They visited us back in the fall. They got home to discover a tiny stowaway ... a small green tree frog.

They are in the land of snow, and they knew it couldn't survive outside, so they brought it in and placed it in a houseplant.

4 months later, "Fwog" is doing well. They provide it with water and once a week, they drive into Albuquerque to purchase live crickets.

I don't know who these cute people are, but I assure you, they are not the people who raised me.

They will return here in March, and bring Fwog with them, to return him to his natural habitat. I will not be surprised if at that point, he velcroes himself to my mother. I mean, he's been hand-fed crickets.

I think it's time for my parents to get another dog.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Well, just imagine the things you'll be doing in thirty years!

Shannon said...

I have to admit, thta IS freaking adorable.

Lilylou said...

I'm with Hafidha----just wait! It is completely adorable, as Shannon says.

Lizard Eater said...

Waaal, Hafidha and Ms. Kitty, if I get any more adorable, the world just won't be able to contain me. (Jerks around sharply at the sound of groans.)