Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Panini

We all know that the leftovers are better than the actual dinner, right? And now, with the "invention" in our house of the Thanksgiving Panini, I might have everyone begging me to make Thanksgiving the day before, so we can have these on Thanksgiving.

Take some good baguettes, not super-skinny, and slice lengthwise and crosswise for sandwiches. Fill each with mayo, and squeeze some of that wonderful garlic that roasted in the turkey juices. (See obsessive turkey.)

Layer on whatever leftovers strike your fancy -- cornbread dressing (yes, on a sandwich!), cranberry sauce, a little gravy, and of course, the turkey. The Boy added green beans to his. I think The Husband added a slice of cheese, maybe some of the sweet potatoes.

Grill in a panini maker, waffle iron, or just in a skillet, with another skillet put on top of the sandwich to squish it down a bit.


And now ... off to check on my turkey bone gumbo.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

That sounds freakin' delicious.

I also discovered the turkey and cranberry quesadilla. Maybe I'll post that recipe.