Wednesday, March 07, 2007

UU Brats and what becomes of them

In my part of the world (many, many, many miles from Boston), when you run into another Unitarian Universalist who was actually raised UU, (or raised Unitarian, depending on how old you are), there is an immediate "look" that passes between you. You are instantly kin. We are a rare lot, born-n-raised UUs. Most of us have the experience of being told by a fellow 2nd grade classmate that we're going to hell. We probably have the experience of dating a wide range of different-religioned-persons. We probably tried on another religion, ourselves. Things that kids in other religions take for granted baffle us. (In the service last weekend, the speaker mentioned that her husband -- as a child, in a different religion -- was kicked out of Sunday school for asking questions. My 10 year old couldn't wrap his head around that one.)

What is interesting to me is those of us who do come back to our mother religion tend to be so passionate about the religion. Heck, even those who never go back to church -- like my brother and sister -- will still devoutly declare themselves to be Unitarian in a show of identity not unlike the person who never goes to temple, yet sees himself as 100% Jewish. It's not just out religion. It's our culture.

All of this is being prompted by 7th Day who gave me some great ideas on my class, and also outed herself as another lifelong UU. She is also a minister. And if you don't believe she's passionate about UUism, just check out her 4 am comments to my last post.

I wish I knew statistics. It seems there is a larger percentage of born-n-raised UUs in ministry than in your average UU population.

Those of us who stay -- or come back -- do so with a vengeance. Bwahahahaha. Now in your Multiplex: The Apostle II, Doing It Unitarian-Style!


UU-Mom said...

I'll second that emotion.

The Jotter said...

So I'm reading this and totally relating and then you mention me!HA! I feel like I fell into the Matrix or something.

As for UU Brats, I'll have you know that I was a UU hellion. (Does anyone outside the South still use that word?)And I'm bringing up two UU hellions. Proudly.

Thanks for the post. Sorry I fell out of touch. Hospitals, as you know, suck time out of you.

As for 4AM - gawd only knows what I wrote... I'll go check...