Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmastimes A-Coming!

And all my inner Martha Stewart has gone out the window. Less than a week to go, so it's now time to start either getting things done or scratching them off the to-do list.

Now first, for anyone not familar with this treat, I offer up Oreo Truffles which are absolutely the most slack-azz thing you can make that are still yummy. Really yummy. Like, people won't guess how trashy it is.

Take a package of Oreos. Any Oreos. I've heard using the mint ones are terrific.

Run them through the food processor, or put in a plastic bag and beat the mistletoe out of 'em.

Toss the crumbs in your mixer with one package softened cream cheese. Mix til they're totally mixed, just one big black mess.

Roll into balls.


Toss a bunch of chocolate chips -- regular, milk, white, I don't care -- in a bowl in your microwave. Nuke for 30 seconds, stir, repeat til it's good and runny.

Take the chilled balls out and dip in the chocolate. Put on a cookie sheet and chill. Eat.

If you want to get fancy, take some chocolate of the opposite color, pop it in a baggie, and nuke til melted. Squiggle some over the truffles.

Pathetically easy. My kids think they're the greatest thing since tv.

Now is also the time of the season that both I and The Husband are patting me on the back. Some people like to wrap packages. I don't. I am obviously missing some key geometric gene, because I always wind up being one inch short on wrapping, or way too much, and my gifts look like Little Warrior wrapped them. Actually, hers might look better.

I don't like to sew, either, but I dislike it less than wrapping. Plus, I hate all that waste. All that work buying pretty paper and RIPPPP ... plus bagging up all the paper ... ugh.

So ... after Christmas one year, I went and bought lots of different Christmas fabrics for cheap. Sewed up what are basically pillowcases of every different size.

Which brings us back to this time of year. Toss the gift in a bag, tie on a ribbon. Done.

And Christmas day ... simply fold up the bags and box them away til next year.

How very Martha Birkenstewart.


Nancy said...

Being a girl who uses my own canvas bags at the grocery store (people think I'm a freak, and I don't care), I love the gift bag idea.

I'm borrowing the Oreo truffles, too.

:) :) :)

WellSoul said...

I was reading your Oreo Truffles recipe out loud to my husband and he said "Wow, that seems hard." Sigh. And to think I always meant to marry a man who could cook :)

Ellis said...

The gift bags sound wonderful. I frequently go to the thrift store and buy scarves for wrapping. For fifty cents or seventy-five, you can get something pretty and reusable. And your presents will all be different, not necessarily red and green, and coordinated. I suppose it wouldn't work for a really large gift, but you could always do an actual pillowcase or sheet. I also check out their Christmas section, this year, and got some old balls for tie-ons. Also reusable, and prettier than plain ribbon.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Yeah. I admit it. I'm a bad, baaaaaadddddd mom. My gift wrapping skills also are the equivilant of a two year old. Which is why every year as I hand over a gift, I apologize for the crappy wrapping and tell them Daisy wraps like a two year old.
*evil grin*

I might just have to borrow that Truffle recipe thankyouverymuch!

Kelli said...

Your recipes are the best..my family is still crazy over heart attack bites! Oreo stuff sounds fabulous!