Sunday, June 04, 2006

"The Girl Can Fry Fish"

The Husband went out Friday on his yearly overnight fishing trip with his buddy, Nice Guy. And if you think this wife missed the opportunity to crack "Brokeback Mountain" jokes, you are sorely mistaken.

Caught enough fish to feed three adults and three children, heavily supplemented with sweet tater fries and (groan with me) fried dill pickles. We only fry about twice a year, so when we do, we fry everything in sight. Wait, where's the dog?

Growing up, I had tons of fresh fish, and never any purchased fish, since Daddy was, and is, a fisherman. Once The Husband married into the family, Daddy taught him the proper way to clean a fish, and me, how to cook it. (If it's a dry or fish that can be strong, like sheepshead, be sure and soak it in buttermilk. If it's moist like trout, don't soak it in anything.) Toss it with cornmeal/flour, then fry 'em up at the hottest temp your fryer will go to.

"I saw your wife the other day, uu huh, and she's ugly..."
"Yeah, but she sure can cook!"

Or fry fish.

Best Way to Fry Pickles

Get some good, sour dill pickles and cut 'em in chunks. "Hamburger slices" are too thin, so cut them yourself.

Crush yourself some Cap'n Crunch cereal real fine.

Set out three bowls: first, flour. Second, egg. Third, the cereal crumbs.

Dip pickle chunks in flour, then egg, then cereal.

Deep fry real hot.

Enjoy. And ignore any jokes about trailer trash.

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Anne said...

Hmmm..I love me some fried pickles. And I love how that grease smell gets in the curtains of the trailer and wont come out for days. :)

Seriously..I love them..but I have never attempted to make them myself. Im kind of afraid of frying. Best for me to leave that up to the professionals at Hooters.