Thursday, October 13, 2005

A little surreal, this ministerial stuff

To Do List for Today:

* Watch weepy movies like Beaches and Steel Magnolias, in an effort to find my emotional Kegel muscle. Ain't that a great term? See, I'll be doing a memorial service in a couple of weeks for someone I cared about. I am a crier, and am afraid that I'll be weeping the whole time. So a learned friend of mine recommended that I cue up sad movies to the cry scene, then practice stopping the flow of tears. Exactly like when they tell you to practice stopping your pee to find your Kegel muscle.

*Pore over "The X-rated Bible, an Irreverent Survey of Sex in the Scriptures" to find a good reading for my sermon about sex (and canvass) for Sunday.

*Work on plans for the annual Halloween party.

*Deal with a baby that is fussy from innoculations.

Just your average ordinary day for a seminarian/mother of 4.

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Robin Edgar said...

Any updates about your journey?