Friday, March 04, 2005

busybusybusy and triumphs not our own

Am trying to do everything I can right now, since I'm having to "sit out" the semester, due to Baby Sparkle's impending birth. Including selling our house and buying a new house, after we realized that my difficulty in balancing family and school was due largely in part to the necessity of me being mother AND father AND a student. Hence, we will be moving closer to The Husband's work. House should go on the market April 1. Being the prankster I am, my friends have repeatedly asked me if this is merely an extremely elaborate April Fool's Joke. Not on my end, I tell them. Week after next, we move into a motel while our house is re-roofed, re-carpeted, and re-painted.

Triumphs not our own ... after experiencing the futility of potty training with my first two children (I agree with Vicki Iovine who penned that there is a particular date, circled on a calendar, of when your child will be potty trained. You can buy all the books and do all the work, but the date remains the same.), other than putting a potty chair in a bathroom and making books and videos available, I haven't done much with my toddler about it. Yesterday, out of the blue, she comes up to me and says, "I did it!"

What did you do? (Always a dangerous question.)

"I went potty!"

Being an experienced parent without the stars in my eyes, I asked the logical question: Where?

"In the potty!"

Uh-huh. Riiiiight. Okay, let's see.

Blow me down. Yellow liquid filling the potty.

Parade was thrown, grandparents and dad were called, lollipops were given. This was repeated later last night. And again this morning.

An independent kid, who jumps ahead and does something I'm not prepared for. Huh. Pretty cool, right now. We'll see when she's 13.

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