Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blah, bleaugh, blues

Okay, so today isn't my best day. It's not a bad day, just a bleaugh day. Literally, as I'm gagging with morning sickness. Not throwing up, just gagging. Ick. No relief in gagging.

And of course, this is the day after the election, and it looks like Bush is going to walk off with the election. AND major Republican control of Congress. What all will be done in the next four years? It scares me, so I tell myself, look, that just means that we'll have a huge backlash in 2008. Hillary for President! But that seems like a long four years. And a four years that we will be paying for, for generations to come.

And this isn't even a partisan fear for me ... it is particular to this administration. They seem to have absolutely no compunction about doing things with or without the support of the smart people within their own party. Last night, they said something about McCain running for president in 2008. Right. You really think the neo-cons and ultra-conservatives will go for that?

I should have known this was going to happen. I have been an observer of Bush's journey from the first governor's race. "Surely, he can't beat Ann Richards."

Ugh. I need to eat something, but can't find anything that appeals. Ready for the first trimester to be over.

Okay, happy things ... had our annual Halloween party this past weekend. Much good food, good friends. Introduced several folks to chocolate cake shots, though I abstained, of course. The Husband made up three pitchers of apple margaritas that all disappeared. Note for future: disposable Solo cups will not hold a cinnamon/sugar rim. We wound up using my non-disposable hard plastic cups from the Girls Parties. Big hit of the party was "Bacon and Beagle Dicks" which I renamed "Heart Attack Bites" as this was an intergenerational party. Wrap little smokies in a bit of bacon, pack into a baking dish, then cover with brown sugar and bake. Egad!

And I went to Rice U last week to use their library for my term paper for Systematic Theology. I am blessed to have the best friends in the world (certified by non-partisan pollsters) and one of them, K, drove me over and dropped me off (parking is a b*), then took my toddler to the zoo while I worked. Then picked me up to go to our favorite grocery/lunch spot. There needs to be a word beyond "mensch."

Term paper is about the intersection of philosophy and theology from an Augustinian perspective. Need to think of some modern day philosophers. Maslow is good, but stuck after that. Oprah? Dr. Phil?

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