Friday, November 06, 2009

The Uni-costal Preacher

Wednesday was a really good day.

My preaching professor had invited me to be the preacher at this week's Wednesday chapel at my seminary.

Fine enough, right? I mean, I preach all the time. Of course, I'd be preaching in Christian, which is my second language. No, actually, it's probably about 5th, after Ubbi Dubbi, Pagan, and French. Hubbi, mon magick ami!

But to make it more of a challenge, I've been pushing myself to preach sans manuscript. I had a one page outline on a lectern, but I mostly did the roaming preaching, walking down closer to the congregation.

And I preached fairly charismatic, as that's the most-spoken language of my classmates.

Sitting in the front row before going forward, it was a surprise when I got up and faced the audience to find that every professor and the school president were there. Manuscript! Manuscript!

No manuscript.

What a blast. Now this is the kind of roller coaster I could get into.

I received some really nice comments afterward, including one from my favorite professor, a soft-spoken man of few words, none of them hyperbole. "You were good," he said in that way that some people have that just has a particularly satisfying ring for all its simplicity.

So, a powerful affirmation of what I want to do.

(Next week I'll see the video and will come plummeting back to earth, but let me glide for now.)

What made it 100% good? I did not preach anything I did not believe wholeheartedly. I used some language not often heard in a UU church -- convicted, Holy Spirit, God, humility -- but it was all me, baby.

Me. The Uni-costal.


ms. kitty said...

Wowee zowee, LE, good for you!

Kelly KH said...

You GO girl!!

fausto said...

We'll be expecting a You Tube link shortly.

Earthbound Spirit said...

No manuscript? Way to raise the bar for the rest of us, LE. But, seriously - way to go & what Fausto said...

Green Monk said...

Congratulations..We need more Unicostals out there!

ogre said...

Ok... I want to hear more about the first steps on that path to no manuscript.

I'm very comfortable with one; I've been crafting words for 25 years.

If I'm taking another preaching course, it'll be with someone who'll give pointers on what sort of looks like it's skydiving without a parachute (but is extraordinarily tantalizing...)

musingegret said...

"Can I get a witness?..." Yes ma'am, raa'chere! Let me hear ya say...."I'll go, Send me."

kimc said...

I assume Uni-costal is a reference to Pentacostal --- but what does pentacostal actually mean? Five what?

Lizard Eater said...

Pentecostal refers to the Pentecost, which refers to the "fiftieth" day ... although, if memory serves, it's actually celebrated on the 49th day.