Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I passed a small restaurant, and on the marquee, their words were:


I drove past it, and about a mile down the road asked The Husband, "Is that really their big selling point?"

I mean, I could understand it this were wartime, or the Depression. They would be differentiating between themselves and those places selling powdered eggs. But now? Can you even buy powdered eggs anymore?

That got me to thinking about our churches, though. Are we still selling ourselves based on the circumstances from decades ago?

I mean, saying, "You have freedom of belief here!" is kind of like "Real Eggs!" isn't it? In a world of Bishop Spongs and Christopher Dawkins and heck, the New York Times, what are we really trying to sell? Our competition isn't the Assemblies of God Church down the road. Our competition is the Sunday news shows and soccer games and sleeping late. Guess what? The people watching Meet the Press and reading The New Yorker already have Freedom of Belief.

I don't want to try a new restaurant for REAL EGGS. You're going to have to find something else to sell me.


jbgrinch said...

clear scans, nothing sounds better in the world right now. at this time good news in my world is not a common thing so I am very happy to hear this. Ill keep you all in my prayers. Please keep us in your prayers as we just lost my mom.

fausto said...

On the other hand, serving real eggs sure beats serving the ersatz kind. Especially if they serve you ersatz eggs while trying to convince you the eggs are real.

Elizabeth said...

Good post:)