Friday, October 02, 2009

Check In

There will be nothing poetic or even vaguely inspirational about this post. It's a simple check-in for our home viewers. (And if you haven't checked in lately, drop me a line down in comments, willya, and let me know what's going on in your life?)

* I finally rescheduled that ministerial interview. Oct. 23.
* Which is the day before the Big Mondo Halloween Party. And we've got to party like we missed a year. Because, you know, we did.
* And I have my Career Assessment set up for November. 2 days before my Big Fat Old Testament Midterm.
* Also in November: scans.

Loving my classes. Family doing great. Little Warrior doing great. A little crazy, what with preaching, school, trying to become a candidate stuff and hey, did I mention the 4 kids?

(And did I mention that I truly am married to the most amazing partner?)

But all good stuff.

Classify THESE as good times.


Earthbound Spirit said...

And with good times... you celebrate, right?
(THE ubiquitous 1980's wedding reception song.)

You will be brilliant in the interview, cool in the Career Assessment, and pass that OT Midterm without breaking a sweat. Yes you will!

goodwolve said...

Busy is good - family doing well is great - you being happy is wonderful!

Jay said...

Good luck on the midterm!