Thursday, October 08, 2009

A quick note of appreciation

I must get back to blogging, as I'm having a backup of ideas that are making my head tight and my hat small. But not this week, as in addition to school, I'm having to rush through testing and the tons and tons of autobiographical writing you must do before your ministerial candidate career assessment. (Just between you and me, I have to confess that I am just sick of myself and ready to discuss something more interesting.)

But I did get to discuss you guys! I'm writing about my spiritual and faith development, and I just couldn't let that go by without talking about being a member of the UU blog community. I know I've written before about how appreciative I am for all youse guys, but I don't know that I've written about how you have added to my development of each. Reading y'all's blogs, thinking of your ideas, arguing back and forth and over there and over here as things pinged around the UU-blogosphere ... it has had a big influence on me. There is a tremendous honesty in our blogs -- we open ourselves up, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Thank you for sharing your feelings.

Thank you for sharing your beliefs.

Thank you for sharing your lives, your dreams, your beliefs.

Thank you for sharing you.


ms. kitty said...

Hey, you're pretty share-y yourself, LE! Thanks to you, too.

6p00d83427794753ef said...

Right back at ya!

Earthbound Spirit said...

Back atcha, LE. God happens in the interwebs... (And the verification word is "readum." Yep - you get to do a lot of that on this path, too!)

Masasa said...

The appreciation is mutual. As for being sick of yourself, I've only begun my applications for divinity school, and already I have that feeling as I work on my "personal statement" over and over and over. If I am this tired of talking about myself now, I fear what is ahead LOL.