Monday, June 08, 2009


I am, I will admit, a bit of a curmudgeon about the world "miracle." A normal baby birth? It's not a miracle, it's a biological process. And with Little Warrior -- a miracle? No. A lot of luck, to be born here, to find the right doctors, to be able to afford good healthcare. But it's medical science. It is chemo and radiation and surgery.

That's what my head says, anyway.

When my hard drive died a couple of months ago, unbacked up, it took with it practically all of the pictures of LW while in treatment. A mixed ... wait, what's the opposite of "blessing"? Curse, I guess.

The Boy recently uploaded his camera contents. Pictures going back to about Christmas. And there was this. A little blurry, but clear enough.

December 2008
May 2009

Maybe my head's not as smart as it thinks it is.


Jess said...

I don't know about miracles, much, but I do know about beauty.

That there is one beautiful child, and to see her healthy and out of treatment is an exquisitely beautiful thing.

ogre said...

What Jess said.

And as for you, LE, I prescribe Peter Mayer's "Holy Now."

fausto said...


Earthbound Spirit said...

Healthy, beautiful little girl with bright and curious eyes. Looks like a miracle to me. Aren't they all?

jbgrinch said...

what a wonderful contrast, It is so good to see her looking so well and happy what a wonderful smile