Monday, March 23, 2009

Themes in the UUA Presidential Race

So, I asked what are the issues that interest you, in terms of the UUA presidential election, now to open it up more … what are the broad issues or themes that you think matter to others?

I’m in a small church and I usually preach at small churches, so, no surprise, I hear a lot about “What about our small churches and fellowships?”

The Small Talk newsletter endorsed Peter Morales, and in the newsletter, Morales wrote this:

“I feel as though the UUA does not know we exist. I feel as if they just take our dues and then ignore us when we need help.” I hear this comment over and over as I travel around the country, and I find it deeply disturbing. Our small congregations typically feel unappreciated and neglected. Small congregations too often feel s though they are struggling along and that the UUA does not care about them.

You can go read the rest:

(If someone has a link to something Laurel Hallman has said about small churches, please send it to me. I couldn’t find anything, but that probably speaks more to my lack of searching skills.)

So … there’s one theme: Small Congregations

Another theme I’ve seen on the UUA Election list concerns Policy Governance. I will freely admit that I do not even know enough about it to have an opinion.

Any issues/themes that you think are at the forefront?

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David Throop said...

Thanks for the link to SpiritOfLifePublishing; I didn't know about them. Lots of interesting stuff there.