Friday, March 13, 2009

The newest version of the "I have to take a test and I've never been to class" nightmare

This is funny.

I don't usually get nervous about being in the pulpit, but this Sunday, I'll be filling the pulpit for a minister friend of mine, one whom I really admire.

Well, the subconscious reveals all ... in my nightmare, I arrived at the church and didn't have any of my readings, sermons, etc.

On top of that, their first hymn lasted 30 minutes, so I began trying to figure out what I was going to drop, and how I was going to make it all fit without going over the sacred hour time mark.

I guess I'm lucky that I had all my clothes on!


Christine Robinson said...

oh, have I had dreams like that!

boston unitarian said...

I know of what you speak...I am filling in occasionally this winter and spring for our minister (who is a true "master" in the pulpit)
My thoughts go with you, Blessings, BU