Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Scan-xiety

For the last six months, on a day like this, I'd be packing up, prepping food for home and hospital, and planning on going in the hospital Tuesday.

Well, Little Warrior finished "Regimen I" on Halloween. Technically, she's still been on chemo since then, as part of the cycle is when it's in her system.

Tomorrow morning, we will get up early to go to the hospital. CT scan in the morning, which means fasting, then drinking lots of yucky contrast. Meeting with her oncologist around noon. Echocardiogram at 2ish, because one of her chemos is really hard on the heart.

About a week ago, we got the news that Regimen UH-1 had been discontinued because two of its chemos, cytoxan and doxorubicin, had toxicity issues. As in, children dying while on treatment.

She's been taking those chemos.

Tomorrow, we should find out if the cancer is still gone. We should find out if there's any problems with her heart.

We've already had to learn the lesson that "No Evidence of Disease" merely means that they can't see anything. And that life off-treatment can change to "fighting it again" in just one scan.

So it's not like any part of us sees tomorrow as the end of cancer. Best case scenario is that we go to no treatment, just watching ... and waiting.

I will take it. And celebrate it, should we be so lucky to get it.

In the meantime ... go check the comments on We're Never Going to Grow. Lots of interesting conversation about perceived superiority, class attitudes, and how we treat differences in income/education level in our churches. Weigh in with your opinion.


ms. kitty said...

Hi, LE and LW, Kari of Chalice Spark and I were talking about you today and marveling over how many people out here in bloggerland are thinking and praying about you and your family. It was a aweinspiring sense of connection. Hope things go well.

Kari said...

Hiya LE! Yes, dear Ms. Kitty and I were talking about caring about you all, for real, from afar.

We do. A whole big bunch of us. For real.

Tonight I showed our youth group the Footloose video, and we held in our hearts that LW's scan comes back crystal clear. (they loved the little tushie shake "that girl can DANCE" is what I heard)

plaidshoes said...

I, also, think of you both a lot. I am praying for good resuls tomorrow. It is amazing to me how strong you all are.