Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God and the Kitty

"God gave me this kitty," Little Warrior explained to the neighbor. And the person at the store. And the nurse.

We have a kindly, if brusque, crossing guard who helps Bo Peep and The Princess cross the street twice every school day. His granddaughter is in the same grade as The Princess, so he knows all about Little Warrior. Right before LW went in for her last (we hope) chemo, he sent home a wrapped package with the girls. Inside was a Webkinz kitty for Little Warrior.

LW knows him as "The Crossing Guard." She leaves off the article and the adjective and tells everyone that Guard gave her the kitty. Except she pronounces Guard "God."

One of the very sweet things when you go through something like this, is the outpouring from strangers. People who don't know you personally, they just know "of" you. And they feel the urge to reach out, to give your daughter a little bit of happiness.

Sounds like God to me.

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