Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Block Party

We live in an area that could be affected by the Hurricane. We are far enough away to feel fairly safe hunkering down, but close enough to fill every vessel with water and make plans to be in a room without windows. For Hurricane Rita, we fled, enduring a 19 hour trip of what would normally be maybe 4 hours. This time, we have the counter-balancing risk of having Little Warrior out in crowds or being stuck by the side of a road. So, we stayed home. We watch our giant trees sway ...

Right now, there is no rain, just wind. Nothing big yet. We went outside to see what it was like, to discover that most of our neighbors had converged on one front lawn with chairs and chatting. Amazing the things that cause us to gather in community.

In chatting, we discovered that two of our neighbors are cancer survivors. (We had our bald Little Warrior with us, so the subject came up ...) One, who we knew was fighting The Beast, has been off-treatment for a couple of months. Another, 10 years. We introduced both to LW. I think it's good for her to see grown up survivors.

The BFF-DRE emailed me a drinking game that we keep adding to. Potential calamities do bring out our twisted humor, don't they?

rule #1: Swig every time someone says/writes "Houston, We have a problem"
rule #2: Eat a nut (or other salty snack) every time someone says something about "Why haven't they evacuated?"
rule #3: Sip every time someone says "Monster"
rule #4: Swig every time someone says "We DON'T like Ike"
rule #5: (mine) Chug every time someone makes a reference to Ike or Tina Turner. Then slug your spouse/partner.*
rule #6 anytime someone says "hunker down" = eat a hunk of chocolate.

We still have electricity, but I don't know for how long. So I'll just say take care, shine on, and if you live somewhere else, have a good night's sleep.

*I'll go back to being sensitive and politically correct after the Hurricane.


Christina said...

You crack me up! I wish I were playing that game! Hunker down...mmmm chocolate!
have you tried Lindt's chili chocolate? It's delicious!

kinsi said...

hope y'all are ok over in houston! (I was supposed to be there this weekend, but changes the biz plans around.

Nancy said...

I hope your home and yard didn't take too much of a beating.

jbgrinch said...

haven updated in a while I hope that you all are ok. you are all in my thoughts and prayers