Saturday, September 06, 2008

A cool breeze

Sometimes, something comes along from the universe right when you really need it.

Along with all the heartache, we've reached that time of the year I refer to as I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE ... referencing the humidity, extreme heat, and mosquitos.

I assume that it bears some similarity to living way North and having a long winter where you just can't take being cooped up inside anymore. Down where I live, most people go from air-conditioned house, to air-conditioned car, to air-conditioned work, mall, entertainment. You get to the end of the summer and you don't even want to go outside to get into the car. Too much energy. Too much gas. No one wants to bug-spray themselves just to walk 8 yards to the car, but then you get in the car and find 5 bug bites and hear an annoying buzzing by your ear. Better to just zone out in front of the tv or computer.

Today, I went outside and the expected blast of heat didn't happen. It was ... temperate. The humidity had lifted. The skeeters seemed to be sleeping.

It was 82 degrees, with a slight breeze. Not fall, but it held the promise, that really, truly, autumn will come.

"Kids, kids," I yelled excitedly, running inside. "Get on your clothes! Put on your shoes!"

"Where are we going?" called The Princess, echoed by her brother.

"We're going ..." I paused for dramatic effect, "OUTSIDE."

They tumbled down the stairs, looking at me suspiciously. Had Mom lost her mind? Were they being punished for something?

"Really!" I assured them. "It's wonderful outside! It almost feels like fall!"

Shoes, tshirts and shorts, (hat for LW) and they came out. For a couple of hushed minutes, they just roamed around the yard, pulling the swings down (put up in case of hurricane), discovering a large spider web, become reacquainted with their own backyard.

This was followed by a raucous game of I-don't-know-what, yet another complicated game with a million rules, designed by The Boy. I started to see hints of frustration in the girls' faces, so I stepped in and introduced them to Octopus Tag, followed by Father May I and other fun.

It'll start heating up again. But I got a breath of fresh air. It will sustain me.


plaidshoes said...

It finally cooled off a little here and it seems as if we have all been a little reborn!

Ms. Theologian said...

We have exactly the same time of year here in the desert outside Los Angeles. I call it season because Jim and I send each other listings of homes in cooler parts of the country.

I'm glad you got a bit of a respite though!