Monday, February 11, 2008

God says "Hello"

I was driving to school in the pouring rain. Thinking idly about God, and about how I have my perception of God -- a force filled with love and compassion, who would never be critical of people loving each other, whether they were the same gender or opposite. And how I really "know" this in my heart. And how others have a picture of a much different God, a god of fury and punishment, and deep in their heart, they "know" this is God. And I have friends who are complete atheists, and they "know" this to be true.

Am I completely wrong? This deep feeling of love in my heart that I feel connects us all, call it God ...

I was interrupted from my thoughts by a bright yellow light flashing on my right side, coming from behind. It was so bright, I jumped, and craned my neck, to find out where was the car that was pulling me over.

There was no car. But the light continued. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!

I craned again, trying to see where the emergency vehicle was.

And then I realized .... through the dark grey evening, the bright sun had come through a small hole in the clouds, and because it had dropped, the sun was being blocked by buildings as I went past. Flash. Flash. Flash.

I had never seen anything quite like it, and I settled back in my seat, a bit in wonder.

Lighting streaked through the sky in front of , bright against the dark grey of the direction I was headed.

"Well, that's something," I said to myself. "Bright yellow light on my right, dark sky with lightning in front."

It felt like a message from ... well, from God. To come right at that time. An affirmation. I wondered, will I remember this moment? Or will it, in a few months time, just fade away ...

Lightning struck again, and then --

To the left of me, a giant, full spectrum, brilliant rainbow appeared. I turned my head slightly and saw that it was a complete half rainbow, with no break, going from one side to the other. It's been years since I've seen one of those.

I ... well, I'll admit it. I burst into a bit of laughter mixed with tears, a not uncommon response from me in times of profound spiritual emotion.

I understand that this isn't just completely random ... sun and rain and a rainbow appearing are, naturally, hooked together.

But one of the things that has stayed with me, from my time in the pagan world, is that just because something is natural ... doesn't mean it's not magic.

And to God ... hey, thanks for the gift tonight.


Christine Robinson said...

flashing yellow light....hummm....slow down?

Shannon said...

very nice!

Every 7th Day said...

Hmmm... something amazing and stunning happens and your response is tears mixed with laughter. Yet another LE/Every 7th Day commonality.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we are the same person? Maybe we are just living two lives, but we started off as one person. If that is the case, can I borrow the brain in a week or two? You keep saying it's my turn but you never give it back.

Lizard Eater said...

But 7 ... then which of us is the doppleganger?

And re: the brain ... WAIT! I thought YOU had it!

Public notice: Wanted -- LE/7's brain. Betwixt seminary (LE) and ministry (7) and mommyhood (both), it is quite worn and tattered, but has sentimental value to the owners.