Friday, February 01, 2008

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah

My crew is home from school. It's Friday, so they're lounging around the coffee table, eating popcorn and watching Hannah Montana. "Look at LW dance!" they laugh, as she wiggles her behind to the theme song.

Today, another mother is in the hospital, with her 7 week old daughter, who was just diagnosed with cancer. She is shattered. She is dizzy with it all, and with trying to figure out how she and her husband will deal with this. Who will be with the older children. Dad's work.

And the baby. Their precious, darling baby. Who just became a little warrior.

I know all this, because her friend found my post about breastfeeding a baby with cancer and contacted me.

And in a twist, the friend is UU, too. And then, even though we're across the country from each other, she knows friends of mine.

Total strangers. Connected via the internet. Connected via cancer. The interdependent web.

Whatever your spiritual practice ... prayer, holding in your thoughts, sending energy ... please do it, tonight. For "Baby Darling." And her family and friends.


ms. kitty said...

I'm so glad you found each other. May you give each other strength and comfort.

Shannon said...

what a wonderful connection. it's amazing how the world brings those who need each other together. i hope you can help this new mother, and she also helps you.

lizgav said...

I'm a UU-er who was searching online for something unrelated, and came upon your blog. To be honest, I'm not sure how these blogs work, but I felt compelled to write when I read part of your daughter's journey. My now-17 year old daughter survived a horrendous bone marrow transplant when she was 8, an ordeal I now believe may not have been necessary. I can't recommend strongly enough to parents of ill children to provide their children with breakthrough nutrition that can help their bodies heal. There's a nonprofit organization helping such children: see the HOPE program at I only wish I'd known about this nine years ago. Please don't just summarily dismiss this - it is very real, and enormously beneficial for so many. Bless you.