Thursday, September 06, 2007

Middle School Really IS Hell

LE has been quiet for a few days because my eldest has begun intermediate school. I am already threatening to pull him out and homeschool him, simply because of the workload. This is a straight A student who loved school, who now does homework from the time he arrives home, takes a break for dinner, goes back to homework, at 10:00 (11 last night), we tell him he has to go to bed, and he then gets up early the next morning to do more homework.

The Husband and I have been coaching him -- "Don't double check your work. Don't even worry about correct answers. Just rush through it as fast as you can." Is this really what we want to be teaching our kids?

I have a friend who says that after about 3 weeks, the workload tapers down. Something about "showing the kids how tough the teachers can be."

Yes. Because transitioning to middle school isn't difficult enough for a boy who could pass for a 5th grader with a locker under a boy who, I'm pretty sure, has begun shaving.


Nancy said...

Good grief. Sounds like boot camp. I hope it evens out soon.

ms. kitty said...

Can you talk to his teachers, LE? They might be able to ease your mind.

uuMomma said...

I just went through open house at the middle school, juggling two schedules and trying to be seen by as many teachers as possible. Many of them said, if they are spending more than an hour (more than a half hour, really) on homework, give us a call. My girls have not been invited into the honors track yet, and when I ask if they'd like to be, they say "no way, those kids have too much homework." While I wish they were challenged more, I really think there ought to be a middle road between too little and too much. I'm prayin' for ya all.

Hafidha Sofia said...

Definitely talk to the teachers, as Ms Kitty suggests. Or at least the ones who are giving him the most take home work. You can find out what their plan is.

Ms. Theologian said...

Yes, as a former teacher, I'd say try to talk to the teachers. Often they don't know how long homework takes without a lot of feedback. :)