Friday, July 21, 2006

We Made People Cry

Tonight, we went to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Little Warrior took her "survivor lap" with all the other survivors. She was by far the youngest there. I walked the lap, with her in the sling, looking somewhat absurd, as the smallest survivor tshirt they had was an adult-small. I put it on her anyway, so she had the appearance of drowning in a big purple puddle.

As we walked the lap, people on the sidelines clapped. Well, anytime LW hears clapping, she claps. So there she is, folded up like a pretzel in the sling, her head sticking out of the giant tshirt, clapping her two little hands.

We left behind us a lot of people wiping their eyes.

Survivor. 14 months old, and a survivor of cancer.



Karen said...

I loved this story. Way to go, Little Warrior!

Anne said...

That mental image just made me so happy.