Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Clothes, Irony, Etc.

Have just spent a pleasurable few moments of time catching up on Peacebang's site giving fashion tips for ministers.

Have reluctantly informed myself that the decision to carry on with seminary should not be based on the anticipation of dressing for the pulpit.

I remember watching Ally McBeal when it first began, and on one episode, perhaps it was the first, Ally said something about the real reason she and many colleagues became lawyers was for the opportunity to wear great clothes.

Tee-hee. That was definitely one of the attractions to my previous career, that of a marketing manager. "Polished" was definitely the order of the day, but since I was in the creative/advertising end of things, I could get away less conservative looks, such as some fabulous earrings or a trendy top.

In my current career, I try to not fall into the pitfall of mommy-wear, dressing like a sack of potatoes, but I do have a few limitations.

First: earrings must be some sort of stud-type, as anything that even remotely hangs down will be ripped from the lobes by the 13 month old.

Second: all outfits must be breastfeeding accessible. Actual breastfeeding tops are not necessary, as I am not generously endowed, but for nursing discreetly, no dresses nor form-fitting tops. However, tops must not be so loose that LW can play "flash the mommy".

Third: all shoes must be flat. When I am out and about* with Little Warrior, I am wearing her in one of my Mayawrap slings (somewhat color coordinated to my outfit, thankyourverymuch), but having those extra 16 lbs slung to my chest just does not work with heels.

*Okay, so for the last few months, it's been at the cancer clinic, not a trendy art boutique. Bite me.

And on the topic of dress ...

Was watching "Meet Me in St. Louis" for the billionth time and thought about the clothes of the turn of the century. Thought about clothes now. (Was wearing a tshirt and shorts at the time.) Marveled at irony that now, we have air conditioning, and washing machines/dryers/irons/dry cleaners, and we dress in a way that even the poorest of American society wouldn't have considered back at that time.



LaReinaCobre said...

Yeah, they wore a LOT of clothes back then. Even in the South! I wonder how many people died of heat stroke back then?

PeaceBang said...

Glad to be entertaining you, little mama.

Karen said...

Meet Me in St. Louis! I LOVE IT!! Those clothes they were supposedly PLAYING TENNIS in at the beginning? Please!