Friday, February 11, 2011

"What do you know about Cancer?"

Okay, right after talking about cancer, this conversation happens:

I'm in the car with LW and Bo Peep (5 and 8). We're listening to Katy Perry's Firework. Peep says that she's seen the video. Oh yeah, sez I, and it has a girl with cancer in it.

"Don't say that word!" commands LW, from the back seat.

"What word?" I ask, innocently.

"Cancer!" says LW.


"I HATE cancer," says LW.

"Me, too," I say.

"What do YOU know about cancer?" asks LW.

(Those who have been with me on this journey ... we'll now take 5 minutes to alternate laughing, crying, and being silent in gratitude that this moment could occur.)

"Excuse me?" I say.  Not defensively ... because I want to see what she has to say. She does have a different perspective than I.

She begins laughing, in that way that I love, where deep chuckles begin burbling out of her chest.

"Oh yeah," she says. "Your were with me the whole time," she says.

There are some moments that defy description. They are just there to be experienced. Take from it what you will.

(But ... those who have been there from the times she can't even remember ... iMinister, Philocrites, and all the rest ... I am, virtually, hugging you, and we are laughing together.  So many of us were with her the whole time. What do WE know about cancer?)


Kelly KH said...

She is such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah, you were with me the whole time." Tears, plopping from my eyes. Thank you for documenting this moment.