Monday, February 07, 2011

Bring Your Gay Teen to Church

Back in October, I blogged about wanting to get the message out to parents to take their gay teen to a church where they would be welcomed and affirmed. A month later, some of us talked about that in our church. About what it could mean to be an LGBTQ teen in loving faith community. One where not only could they be themselves, but they could also be around all kinds of adults. One where they could see healthy, happy, LGBTQ adults. Videos are nice, but being able to witness that It Gets Better? Better.

In Houston, it's happening.  February 20.

Yes, Houston. So far, we've got 20 churches signed up, representing 8 different denominations + non-denominational.

I'm tickled purple.

Click on the logo. See the website. "Like" the Facebook page. Tell your friends. This year, Houston. Next year, the world.

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