Thursday, July 08, 2010


9:00 time for the donut ride. She slides in and out the ct ring. Hold your breath! Now breathe. The nurses talk about what a pro she is.

9:20 I think it's time to go. A nurse approaches me, awkwardly. "My boss would like to talk to you ..." I blanch. She continues on, something about ... Pictures? Huh?

"This isn't about her scans?" I confirm. The nurse realizes her mistake. Oh no no no, she reassures me.

They are asking permission for LW to be a model for their new website. Ohhh. LW is patient with the photo taking, very cooperative. She even magnaminously gives her autograph to a nurse who requests it, since she'll be "famous." "I'm already famous," she whispers to me.

10:13. We go down to the cafeteria. Apple jacks for LW, coffee for LE.

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hysteric cleric said...

"I'm already famous"

That ƒ♥¢♫ing rocks...because it's so true. Just like NED. ☺